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This is adorable! I think the animation suits the upbeat song very well :D

secondstamp responds:

Thanks so much Heidi!

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I don't know why it took me so long to listen to this one XD Your mixing is fantastic, with the variation in ambient sounds, sound effects (I love the sheep XD), and appropriate music, and your voices are all distinct and memorable with strong characterization and vocal tics. I do wonder, though, why the narrator is more dominant in the right speaker?

The writing left me a little confused sometimes, though :P I think because it's an audio trailer. But the narrator saying "For Bratter Or Wurst" all dramatically at the end made me giggle.

Good luck! :)

This is adorable :D I'm glad to see you managed to get a submission in before the deadline.

The mixing is great, with a nice balance between silence and appropriate music. The sound effects are very well placed, too. The writing is charming and the characters are memorable. Your voice is soooo cute! XD and the delivery is great as well.

Best of luck in the contest! I think you have a great chance.

Piper responds:

Thank you! I had gone through about a dozen scripts but they all kept running too long or other things, once I got this story down I kept recording, then rerecording. I finally decided I would just keep working on it until the final day.

I've always been a fan of your voice work so your opinion carries a lot. Thank you for such a lovely review!

Overall, entertaining and fun to listen to :) I really like the Game Wizard's voice and delivery, though the caller's voice annoyed me a little because it sounded like a whisper-scream. I guess it makes it easier to differentiate the characters, which you otherwise did fairly well, though I'm not sure if that raspy not-quite-a-shout voice was the best option. The character chemistry between the caller and operator sounds pretty natural. Your mixing is fantastic, and I especially like the "Press 1!" interruption, and the "insert game title here" pauses. I liked the touch of the music playing in the background during the call with the operator, too.

Only problem... I don't really see how it fits with the theme. I guess you can stretch it with "my first time calling tech support."

Best of luck :)

grhmhmltn responds:

Ahaha I'm glad this is the first review, both because you're very kind and because you've brought up a pretty glaring issue.

The idea is that this is his first time calling the Game Wizard, which is what that interruption is trying to highlight. It's totally a stretch (especially when compared to the entries like "My First Kill") , but I'm hoping it's not stretched to the point of losing me points :/

I'll take your feedback re: screamdude to heart. I've been watching the NG VA community from the sidelines for a while now, so I really appreciate that you (in particular) would take the time to write such a thoughtful review. Thank you.

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